Thinking Out Loud

Digital Footprints

For the recent Safer Internet Day, the 8 year old taught me about my digital footprint. The personal markers I leave all over the internet like our dogs pissing at the park. Airing my dirty laundry on a blog doesn’t sit well with protecting the privacy of my kids. They’re not babies or toddlers but primary school aged kids with their own opinions, fears and ability to browse the internet.

I’m torn between going big on the warts an’ all barefaced honesty and something a little more restrained and anonymous.

When they get to high school (which will be pretty soon in the grander scheme of things) I don’t want their friends, enemies or frenemies to be able to dig up details of every embarrassing thing they’ve ever said or problem they’ve had to work through. I’m still trying to come up with the perfect nom de plumes for my entire family and take more photos without their lovely little faces in but we’ll get there.


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